Lighting Decor


Lighting alone is the single most important feature at your event.  Lighting will turn your event from ordinary to spectacular and can create the atmosphere you have only dreamed of.  Your lighting extended to the walls and ceiling will beautifully accent your venue with color. Your tables and center pieces will be elegantly lit up by spot lights as focal points.  Your venue should allow you the ability to turn off their lighting so that you can create this nighttime atmosphere that is lit by your decor.

How much lighting you need does depend on your theme and size of your venue or outdoor venue with natural features.


Creating The Atmosphere

 Lighting can be a very powerful addition to any event and can be a complicated process to plan. With 5Th Ave Pro your lighting designer will make recommendations based on your tastes and ideas. Let us workout the major planning and consideration of lighting placement and projection in your layout and around event décor.  


Themed Events

Brighten up your themed event with elegant lighting décor. We understand the importance of your event and strive to make every single lighting detail look absolutely flawless. 5AP offers a diverse range of possibilities in lighting décor to make your themed event a hit. Here at 5AP the possibilities are endless.

Disc Jockey Services


 Music is an integral part of any quince celebration.  We strive to offer you a great variety of music to suit your style and preferences.  Our DJ's use the latest equipment with the most up to date music libraries.  We use high-quality digital tracks, and high-quality equipment, including backup equipment to eliminate the possibility of equipment failure in the middle of your event. 

Truss Structures


Lighting Decor


To finish creating a look and feel for your event, don’t let your decorations get lost in your venue.  Centerpiece & Table spotting, soft spotlights, up lighting and texture lighting are just a few lighting services that 5th Ave Pro can provide for your special event.

Entry Ways


Impress your guests and make them feel welcome from the moment they arrive. 5AP can design a dramatic first impression with elaborate arches, drape and fabrics, spandex, monograms and up lighting to follow theme colors.

Dance Floor Lighting


 Want to add a little extra to the dance experience?  We have moving heads, color wash, scanners, lazers and other effect lighting for you.  Ask us about our all-inclusive lighting packages! 

Drape & Fabrics


Love the venue but not to crazy about the color of the walls? 5AP can provide the room with elegance using drape and fabrics with elaborate lighting décor to match your theme colors

i-glow (Black Light Effects)


Like none other in Arizona, our i-glow black lighting package is a serious rage at high end events and large stage performances. Your guest will glow with radiance. Colors will fluoresce brightly along with any glowing props. Let your party glow with black light effects!

Excellent for themed parties.   

Video Screens


 Want to add more in the way of visuals?

 You can add multiple video screens and projectors to your event. We can provide small screens, large screens, or spandex screens, 5AP can also provide your event with flat screen LCD's to show music videos while our DJ's play a mix of popular music or take requests from guests.

Lounge Atmospheres


Create a relaxed atmosphere and give your guests some of the comforts of home. The stylish and comfortable rental furniture from 5AP can produce that wow factor for any event.

Animated Monogram


Animated Monograms is one of the latest trends in monogram projections. These projections add a unique aspect to your design. The designs can project on blank wall space and are perfect for Quinces, weddings and themed events as well.

Accent Lighting


We provide new and exciting ideas and dazzling lighting effects to make your event a success.

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