Lighting is one of the most critical elements to the overall success of your event. Lighting sets the mood, directs attention and transforms your venue into something extraordinary. Light by Design offers state of the art lighting and professional service- where exclusive decorum meets affordability.




With Up/Directional lighting, light fixtures project washes of light on smooth or textured surfaces. These surfaces can be walls of a room or other features with height. Lighting adds color, warmth, depth and further complement the colors you choose for your decor. Up/ Directional lighting looks fantastic in photos and is a great base layer for transforming your venue into something extraordinary.




In Patterned lighting, fixtures are grouped  together and focused in opposing directions. Fixtures can be placed in 2’s, or 3’s. Color patterns can also be changed to emphasize the colors of your event. 




 Up lighting is the hottest trend for weddings and special events to set the mood or transform a venue. "Up lights" are small lighting units that are placed on the floor around the perimeter of your venue or other decor items. The lights will illuminate the walls from floor to ceiling with colored light. 

Spot Lighting


 This is an advanced light design that shines tiny beams of light in order to perfectly illuminate those special items of decor. Pin spot lighting is used to accentuate centerpieces, floral arrangements, cake tables, buffet tables, gift tables and other special décor. This is lighting design at its best.

Texture Lighting


Texture lighting can be used to help bring together all your lighting design and decor concepts used on your special day. The patterns used in texture lighting can vary depending on the application and your tastes .For weddings, generally stars, clouds, abstract patterns and textures are the most commonly used patterns. 



 Monogram lighting is created by using a gobo and a special gobo projector. You can project your monogram such as names, initials, cymbals or your wedding date onto any surface for a special elegant lighting effect. 

String Lighting


 String lights are an ultra-romantic décor detail that can completely transform any venue space. Also called bistro lights, they're a versatile way to add a special glow to virtually any type of venue. From an outdoor wedding to a glamorous ballroom celebration. 

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Room Transformations


If your reception venue has wallpaper or paint that will clash with your décor theme and colors,  we can create a clean canvas where you can paint your own vision of an ideal wedding. There is more to just lining a room with drapery, ceiling décor, accent lighting and colors to make the room come together to form an unforgettable wedding that you and your guests will never forget. Choose fabrics that match your wedding colors or pick white for a clean, classic look and use colored lighting for great highlights.